Saturday, January 19, 2013

DIY Upholstered Mantel Headboard

I haven't posted much for a while. I am having a hard time getting away from all of the doing to do any posting about doing. Make sense? Well, it seems we always have project after project going on around here, and, really, that's just how I like it.

So today hubby and I finished a project that I am excited to share. I've had the desire for a nice upholstered headboard for a while, so a couple weeks ago when we picked up some new bedroom furniture at auction, I turned my focus to bedroom decor. I created a Pinterest pin board with our wall color, fabrics I liked, and headboard examples. I shared the concept with the hubby, and then we dove in.

This is what our bed looked like just a week ago,when we began our upholstered mantel headboard project. We estimate that we invested about 10 hours of labor between the two of us. We constructed the entire thing, beginning with wood and primed molding to create the mantel, and also did all of the tufting and upholstery including making the fabric covered buttons and the corded piping trim.

Bedroom before- a wee bit embarrassing to post. 
Boring, right?
Mantel constructed. Ignore the awful basement mess. 
Plywood stuffed and covered with fabric, tufting begun, cording draped. 
I was so excited when we finished the tufting! I was amazed at how easy it was. 
My paint sample board. I used the technique I pinned from the blog All Mimsy.

Here it is applied to the mantel. Excuse the terrible quality basement pics. 

And here it is finished in our room!

It looks so nice and relaxing to me, and yes, I Scotch Guarded the upholstery.
Molding, piping, covered buttons. These are a few  of my favorite things.

Yeah, so now I need to do something about the undersized bedding and put the skirt back on.  
I am honestly so happy about this. It is the most grown-up looking bed I have ever had. Also, how cool is it to envision your perfect headboard and then have your perfect spouse help you make it?

Well, this is just the beginning of the bedroom remodel. I still plan to paint the nightstands and dresser, and I have enrolled in the Craftsy course Sewing Custom Valances (great class!!!) with the intent of making window treatments that coordinate with our headboard. I will post these projects as we complete them!
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  1. Omgosh--I love your headboard! I want one. Perhaps I should add that to our ever-growing home project list...:D Your headboard really turned out beautiful--and very grown-up looking.

  2. Wow! Absolutely lovely. Good job!

  3. Thanks so much, ladies! Bessie, I have one of those lists too! They are never ending!

  4. Gorgeous...looks like one you'd find in an upscale hotel...great job!!


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