Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Little Sewing

I have done a few shorter projects as of late that I never posted and wanted to quickly share. Here is my second pair of shorts from McCall's 3132. I sewed the first pair over a year ago, and I see definite sewing improvement.

Yeah, sorry about the crappy pic. I have no excuses. I was happy that I made these using leftover fabric from my aborted Lady Grey Sew Along coat project. This khaki jacquard is some of the most expensive fabric I have purchased (which isn't saying much, only that I paid full price), and I didn't want to see any wasted. So, now I have used that fabric for my cape, these shorts (a little more practical and wearable than the cape), and also this purse.
This Buttercup Bag was actually made from the sleeves of what would have been my coat. I used piping along the bottom seam, made my own shoulder strap, and covered a button for the closure using a little plastic ring as described by Casey of Casey's Elegant Musings here. This Buttercup pattern is great (and there is a free version!) I bought the large pattern sometime last year, and whenever my bag gets a little dingy looking with use I just sew up a new one.

Finally, I am now in the process of sewing a Bow Blouse for my Grandma's birthday. Grandma is one of my favorite people on the planet Earth, and I am excited to be seeing her in about a week. It is the utmost of compliments, in my opinion, when she says that she and I are "cut from the same cloth."

Here we are together at my wedding four years ago

So, that's it for my little projects. Brian and I are making progress on the big project too, and I should have pics to post soon. Until then....


  1. I love the little bag and you are lucky to have a nice granny to dote on!

  2. @Sew Country Chick Thanks! I am so lucky...she is just an absolute doll :)


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